Cardiff Start Round Up W/C 21st Jan 2013

Alex Kavel Really impressed with for taming back your inbox. – Welcome to a cleaner inbox is the easiest way to manage your inbox. Unsubscribe from unwanted email subscriptions, discover new ones and organize them all in one place. January 21 at 2:15pm Comments: Neil Cocker Giving it a go now, […]

By Stephen on January 31, 2013

Cardiff Start Round Up W/C January 14th 2013

Snow? What Snow? The week started with the ground as dry as bone but finished with Cardiff Airport closed and scores of folks bumping off work (we saw you making snow angles in Bute Park, you know who you are). For those who did rock up, here’s what was said in our Facebook group this […]

By Stephen on January 21, 2013

Cardiff Start Roundup W/C 7th January 2013

Happy New Year Cardiff Starters! Really exciting things happening this year including (but not limited to) our massive launch event, investment workshops and the launch of Cardiff Collective. To whet your appetite, here’s what we were all discussing on our Facebook group this week. [divider top=”0″] Dylan Thomas 7 January 5:58 Hi guys, I’m looking […]

By Stephen on January 18, 2013

Cardiff Start Roundup W/C 31st December

Despite preparing for the New Year, the group got a little hyperactive in planning for 2013. As all good entrepreneurs should. [divider top=”0″] Evan Rudowski 31 December 2012 – 9:25am Hey everyone — thought you might enjoy my piece in Mashabletoday. Happy New Year and hope you have a great 2013. [divider top=”0″] Evan Rudowski […]

By Stephen on January 18, 2013

Cardiff Start Roundup W/C 24th December

It’s Christmas! But that hasn’t stopped us all at Cardiff Start getting down to business. Well it has, a little. Things run slower on mulled wine. [divider top=”0″] Alex Kavel 24 December As promised the nominees for Cardiff Start Management team have been compiled. 

The votes are now open and will close on 30th December at […]

By Stephen on January 18, 2013

Cardiff Start Roundup W/C December 17th

On December 17th we opened nominations for positions on the Cardiff Start management team. Basically, four posts were created so we can stuff done. Being democratic and all, nominations were open until the 24th and then it went to a vote on the nominees. The new year’s result of it all is that we now […]

By Stephen on January 3, 2013

Cardiff Start Roundup W/C December 10th

11th Dec Jonathan Fry (via Neil Cocker) let the group know about a new meeting space type venue at the CIA (Cardiff International Arena, or the “Motorpoint” to you modernistas); “Neil Cocker: Thanks to Jonathan Fry for highlighting this new space in Cardiff to hire for events. Looks quite swanky, huh? :-)” 11th Dec HackDay 4 happened. We […]

By Stephen on January 3, 2013

Cardiff Start Roundup W/C December 3rd

Morning Cardiff Starters! Seems like things get all festive (read: people stop working) at this time of year. Well, the clients do, anyway. Expecting miracles greater than the virgin birth in the their quest for yuletide deadlines. Humbug to them, here’s what’s been happening in Cardiff Start over the last seven days… Nathan Cornish told […]

By cdfstart_admin on December 12, 2012

Cardiff Start Roundup: W/C 19th November

Curated by Lisa Derrick of The Creative Industries Development Scheme (by day) and The Chocolate Takeaway (by night!) Hola folks! It has been a busy week on the Cardiff Start Facebook page. Did you guys all know it was my first attempt at writing a round up for the blog?  Monday kicked off with […]

By Stephen on November 27, 2012

Cardiff Start Roundup: W/C 5th October

Posted and curated by Robert Lo Bue of Applingua Ltd. Hey Peeps!   It’s been another exciting week on the Facebook group… let’s round up what’s been discussed.   The week started with a rather amusing spammer who was offering a quick fix loan. Despite deleting the posts several times, the spam kept appearing. In […]

By cdfstart_admin on November 14, 2012
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