Cardiff Start is a group of entrepreneurs, startup founders, creatives, students, and investors who believe that our city is a brilliant place to work and live; We’re passionate about sharing knowledge, advice and help.

Heading across the Severn bridge doesn’t just mean greener fields, better food and the land of song. No no. You’ll also encounter some of the UK’s most innovative, approachable and dynamic technology start-ups.

Mobile tech? We’re doing that. Changing the face of retail? Yeah, we’re doing that too. In fact, from augmented reality to peer to peer file sharing and from recruitment to design, we’re doing things in a whole new (and very Welsh) way.

What happens if you stick a gaggle of these savvy startups in a room? Well, they’ll make something a lot like Cardiff Start.

We’re all about raising the profile of Cardiff’s tech scene because we love our city and we love our businesses. We get together over coffee and biscuits, we help put together the site for your browsing pleasure and we start sometimes lively (but always interesting) debates in our Facebook group and Twitter.

Get in touch to find out more about us or to join in the fun. You’ll discover that there’s a lot more to Wales’ capital city that just a good pint and a Welsh cake. We’re crackling with ideas, advancing innovation and ripe for investment.

For press and media enquiries, please contact Stephen Milburn.

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