Cardiff Start is a group of entrepreneurs, startup founders, creatives, students, and investors who believe that our city – Cardiff, the capital city of Wales – is a brilliant place to work and live. We are passionate about sharing knowledge, advice and help. We’re also a friendly bunch, so come join us on Facebook and Twitter, come to one of our regular meetups, or add your name to “Collective”, and invite someone out for a coffee.

Cardiff Start ‘Founders’

Neil Cocker

Neil CockerNeil is an entrepreneur, creative/digital industries consultant, and music industry survivor. He is also a member of the board of directors of the Welsh Music Foundation and Innovation Centre for Excellence.

After many years in the music industry (both as a label boss and a performer in over 30 different countries), Neil founded the creative industries network NOCCI (sadly now defunct), set up, and is the co-founder of TEDxCardiff and Cardiff Start.

He is currently training to run 7 offroad marathons in 7 days.


Stephen Milburn

Stephen MilburnStephen Milburn is the founder of Tradebox Media, an app development firm based in Cardiff Bay. As well as building apps for other people, Stephen builds his own in the form of Trippa travel apps – his startup baby and the business that brought him to join Cardiff Start.

Stephen takes care of the Marketing and PR aspect of the group and believes that visibility is key when it come to promoting Cardiff as one of the country’s leading startup scenes.

In previous lives, Stephen has founded a national haulage firm and a sushi restaurant. He hates the nomenclature “Jack of all trades”, however.

If you’d like to find out more about Cardiff Start and it’s member’s activities, please email Stephen here.


Mark Stevenson

Mark StevensonMark is Founder and Creative Director of Karolo. Specialising in web design and development, Mark has a real passion for user-experience design.  His team are an experienced mix of designers and developers, enabling them to produce clever, intuitive websites that achieve the most complicated of requirements.

Responsible for the branding and website of Cardiff Start, Mark is excited by the potential growth of an increasingly active and collaborative tech scene in Cardiff.


Rob Lo Bue

Rob Lo BueRob started his first company, Applingua Ltd on his 24th Birthday. When not knee deep in translations, you’ll find him mentoring startups or speaking at conferences on entrepreneurship, business or languages.

Rob has been a member of startup communities in five different countries and is eager to see Cardiff rival other tech cities on the world stage. When not working, you’ll find Rob training for his next half marathon or around town having a sneaky Peroni after work.


Alex Kavel

Biography coming soon